Hello there,

” 歡迎光臨~ ”  (huānyíng guānglín)

Welcome to 樂天大腦的世界 (lè tiān dànǎo de shìjiè).

I’m Valentin, from Barcelona.

This site, is my personal corner. A place where I convey thoughts, ideas, inspirations, work…

You might find bits of my personal life as well. Warning: good and bothering unfiltered moments, all-in.

A mix. Like a cocktail.

Or might I say like a time-bomb?

In any case, nothing to do with my employers 😉

I love interacting with people, don’t be shy, emails are welcome.

Any business or creative ideas you wanna share?

Write me a line.


(Yes, that’s me.)

WHY ” 樂天大腦的世界 “?

樂天 is a name given by 陳伯曼老師 (Chén BóMàn), my very first and wonderful Chinese language teacher in Taiwan. So I kept the name as a tribute to her.