I Miss L.A.

Today I felt nostalgic. Terribly nostalgic.

And that is after someone I admire, posted on his social media he’s moving from Shanghai to the US, specifically to Los Angeles.

If you give a damn, you might wonder why I felt that way. That post stopped me in my trunks because I could relate to a memory that with time got covered with dust. It got even more uncovered when the video recommended by YouTube next to my playlist was an ‘old’ song I used to listen a lot when I was about to move and after I left L.A..

This could take longer than a veteran talking about Vietnam, but long story short, about 7 years ago during these exact dates I also left Shanghai to an unwritten adventure to L.A. You might never heard about this story, since only my very closest ones know about my most intimate madness.

I was in Shanghai, for work. Happily enjoying my life in China, which back then I perceived as a wonderful but weird country -a perception coming all the way from my ignorance of course, I got to met really nice people I still keep a lovely relation with. By that time I was testimony of the China after the Olimpics and Expo, basically in its economic climax boosting, and with uncountable opportunities rising exponentially waiting to be taken by those who were ‘brave’ to cross the world and take them.

My English was as basic as I could communicate clear enough to order food, voice my likes/dislikes and give a standard opinion about Spain and my hobbies (thanks TOEFL).

Since mimicking people, sounds and moves its innate to me, using that ability to pronounce an American-English accent wasn’t that difficult. Which worked out pretty well. After all I’ve done things that require more courage. It was my first time living permanently abroad, and without speaking a word of Chinese, which made it fun. Fair enough.

At work, I met many people from all around the world. Among all those great people, I met a woman from La La Land. A pretty and ridiculously funny woman. Not difficult to guess It didn’t take long for us to start taking the piss of each other and become good friends. We were really close. Then she had to leave. Everyone had its duty, hers was go back home, to L.A., mine was staying in Shanghai.

But not for long.

It took me 3 months to tell my family, search for a job, get on a plane and show up without notice in L.A. on a Thursday night at 8pm, outside my date’s office. It was one of the most valuable experiences I went through. Of course, I mean the fact of me flying all the way to the East Coast for her. There were moments full of joy, adrenaline, relieve and marvel but also confusion, frustration and resentment, from both sides. Which agitated is more like a result of a bomb than a recipe to make a cocktail.

Nevertheless, there were full of unforgettable memories, full of pure naivety, wonderful and plenty of truth tenderness. I can recall them cristal clear as they had happen today.

My very first Lakers NBA live game vs. Spurs, I treat of my date
Staying at a motel in Downtown L.A. I came back home safe. Lucky me
Couldn’t help but drive near Santa Monica, where the outsides of the Fresh Prince of Bel Air was filmed. W.Smith its the king.

It was emotionally intense, and altogether had become kind of a beautiful ‘scar’ in my life. Not those that only hurt, but those you remember for being consequential. A turning point in my life.

As it usually happens in such contexts, contact with my date was little by little losen up, which in some way it saddens me. And since I’m an emotional mad optimistic, I’m of the opinion that contact should never be lost with the people that came across our lives to have a positive impact. Overall, those who we admire contact shouldn’t fade out.

Uhhh…beautiful memories.

And btw, here is the video clip of the song.

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