Happy New Year

Taipei 101 showing it has cool

Today. Finally today ends the year. Many can’t wait for this year to end.

Its been a year with many things happening, at least for me. There have been all kind of moments, good and bad ones. As every year, I prefer to keep the good ones and just leave the bad ones as a learning -otherwise why I would be named by a Taiwanese 樂天…huh?

Despite I’m never happy with myself and think I could have done more and better, I may say it’s been at least an interesting year. I’m not going to write about everything, things that already happened before or things I’ve ‘achieved’  -I’m not here to brag, but just few things that despite being little, made me very happy, even if for some are not even worth to mention. Because at least they’re meaningful for me.

+ Got a ‘job’ as a Chinese interpreter…for a 3-day event (without being my major and after less than one year and a half of learning it). Yeah, me…it sounds ridiculous but I did jajaja

+ Appeared on Chinese speaking TV shows…more than twice. Taiwan backing someone like me is something I can’t understand yet, but I feel so beholden for it. Taiwanese generosity has no limits.

+ Travelled through the Pacific with a senior Taiwanese group and came back to Taiwan. And survived.

+ Linked a friend to Spain which lead her into a job

+ Met the lovely 為~什~麼~桌桌 friends

+ Saw my best friend-brother Nacho and his wonderful girlfriend Lou after 2 years

There are other events like getting ‘on board’ for a Taiwanese company doing my real job -marketing/communications, but that’s an experience to talk about another day.

Anyways, have a nice New Year’s Eve and hope we all got healthier, better and even more joyfull in 2017.

2016 bye-bye, hello 2017. From my arty friend at Wilbeck

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