How A Condom Can Make You Rethink Your Slogan

Condom ‘servings’ with its own slogans, unknown source

Are these condoms real or not? Nobody knows. Nevertheless, there is something very certain, they will make rethink the name of your slogan.

[Written from a my previous POST IN Chinese].

Monster – Unleash The Beast

The one I like the most. It has good momentum, sets you in the mood.

Duracell – It Keeps Going…And Going…

Would say it sounds too ‘proud’ -as Taiwanese say, or a bragging as I would say. In short, what Trump would say. Over-Promise.

McDonald’s – I’m Lovin’ It

Descriptive and joyful. Ok.

Burger King – Have It Your Way.

Not bad. Sounds chill, easy going, an open mind with a free spirit. It feels like when you go on an airplane and the pilot says ‘enjoy the ride/trip’ sort of.

In-N-Out – N/A

Since there is no slogan accompaning the naming, there is only the brand’s name. Which is to cold and descriptive. Indifference.

KFC – Finger Lickin’ Good

Although we all have a small pervert inside this crosses the line to something that sounds wrong. Creepy and distasteful.

Although we all have a little pervert inside us -yes, don’t be shy, you too, lustiness taken in a desperate way and merely as an animal sense just sounds wrong. And gross. Am I right?

The Home Depot – You Can Do It. We Can Help

Resourceful. Even though I wouldn’t want someone to interfere in ‘my business’ to help, it definitely denotes resolutive skills and sounds kind of encouraging there will be someone getting your back. I guess. That sounded very weird.

Pokémon – Gotta Catch ‘Em All

The thin line between ambition and greed. Not my style, maybe I’m a romantic.

Adidas – Impossible Is Nothing

Challenge is brought over the table in here. Defying. Your imagination seems to be the only barrier from keeping you to decide what’s next. No space left for the ordinary. Good slogan.

Nike – Just Do It

It may work in retail but wouldn’t in condoms, unless you had more than a drink and feel ‘libidinous’ or more than ‘itchy’ in…you know, there. Feels more in a mission than something to be delighted by or amused. Kind of aversive.

I’m more into ‘quality’ than quantity so I guess that makes me more romantic?

Gatorade – Is It In You

Too reflective and such a complex slogan for that moment. Being sober-headed and philosophizing about life in such a moment are not complementary.

Obviously, saying that a slogan doesn’t work as a condom brand doesn’t mean it not works. Every brand has a different mission and works in a different industry. However it will certainly make you reconsider a brand’s name.

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