Kick off: While completing my studies, I started my own little business where I had to roll-up my sleeves and take care from the most basic tasks to manage a team of professionals.

After my first business experience in Spain I noticed the importance of communications in the business world, so I decided to focus in this area. Took my luggage and flew to the ‘pumping’ Shanghai. First clients were in the international trade -import/export- industry and  needed assistance with PR & events.

Gathered interesting insights and knowledge. In search of a more creative, strategic and fast paced area I put myself in the advertising industry, back in my hometown, Barcelona. I contributed in campaigns of all kinds -traditional and online- and met lots of wonderful people in the industry.

An exciting opportunity came across to return to Asia. Singapore was the destination. Within 2 weeks I went through an interview, then an offer and moved to the city-state. Again it was advertising. I continued developing my career and acquired a good grasp of a cross cultural environment.

I’m currently in Taiwan. I had the privilege to work in emerging and consolidated cities such as Shanghai (China), Singapore and Taipei (Taiwan), as well as in the western and cosmopolitan side of the map such as Barcelona (Spain). These experiences have enriched and gave me the oppportunity to learn new languages, new ‘standards’ and totally different logics. I’ve joined mid-size and large companies and collaborated with local and multinational brands.

Among the clients I’ve been working with, there are hTC Smartphones, Nestle, Lay’s, Qatar Airways, Vueling, Buff Sport, Pascual, Stärker Fresh Beer and Pfizer, among others.



I hold a Business Administration & Management Bachelor’s Degree in IQS School of Management, a prestigious chemistry university and international business school in Spain accredited by the AACSB.

I hold Chinese language and Culture studies at National Taiwan University 「國立臺灣大學」, and National Taiwan Normal University 「國立臺灣師範大學」, both universities in Taiwan.



 National Taiwan University