Born in Barcelona (Spain) in a summer during the 1980s.

Grown in a loving family of four siblings, and two hardworking parents.

Most of my career pivots around marketing and sales. Although, I ran my own ventures in diverse fields.

More than +10 years of experience between Europe and Asia. Had the privilege to work in emerging countries at the time and other more cosmopolitan regions: Barcelona (Spain) > Shanghai (China) > Singapore > Taipei & Taichung (Taiwan).

On my spare time, I love learning languages and, study the culture barriers.

Have traveled the world to more than 30 countries -and hopefully willI continue!

Joined mid-size and large companies and collaborated with local and multinational brands.

Among those I had the privilege to work are Qatar Airways, hTC Smartphones, Nestlé, Frito Lay (Lay’s® PepsiCo), Vueling Airlines, Original Buff® (Sport), Leche Pascual, Stärker Fresh BeerPfizer, WPP Spain, WPP Singapore, BBDO Spain, SMH International, Bite Global and more.


Business Administration & Management (BAAM) Bachelor’s Degree in IQS School of Management (IQS), Universitat Ramon Llull: 2005~2010. Accredited by the AACSB (Global Business Education Network).

Chinese Language and Culture studies at National Taiwan University (NTU) · 國立臺灣大學:2014~2015

Chinese Language and Culture studies at National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU) · 國立臺灣師範大學:2015~2016