A Message To The World…And The Brands

We live in a world where business sometimes seem more important than people. In some cases -be aware of distressing content- a country’s ‘security’ seems more important than human lives.

Even the photos are very hard to assimilate, I think bringing this up helps all of us remember what we don’t want to happen again.

As always there is also a bright side -thank God.

Two days ago Airbnb released a video with a quick display of portrait photographies of people from different ages, genders and ethnicities.

All with a clear message: cultural inclusion

Sure, many will say its a ‘two-way’ purpose ad to use this situation as a way of self-promotion but I usually tend to trust good causes, so I think the company’s necessity video release it’s a a fantastic ad to remind us that behind necessity there are real people. And I would like to believe that behind companies there are more than numbers and profit goals, but honest and honorable people.

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