A Gift, Merry Christmas

Its Christmas and I feel generous.

I prepared a little gift.

It’s not only because it is Christmas, its because during the past years but specially this year, I’ve seen many companies and people complaining about others copying them.

So the following video its not only a great documentary about Shenzhen but also a good reminder on people’s whimper attitude towards ‘their’ trends, ideas or inventions. I don’t promote the ‘idea’ of copying and improving something that has been done before to stay ahead, but promote each person own creativity. However, ignoring the fact there are other people out there that would not do it’s an unwise move.

Find time, just one hour -substitute the time you’re checking Instagram sitting in the toilette- to watch this, because its worth it.

Its very rich on insights. Specially the transition of the ‘Shanzhai‘ definition to something completely different. To learn about economy; technology; innovation -not Indiegogo or Kickstarter jokes in here; production pace; China; Shenzhen and overall a new paradigm… None of them should be ignored. However, since I value more the ‘together’ mindset rather than the ‘me’ mindset, and, its Christmas, the highlight of the documentary I would say its for…

<< We just give monopolies to people because they were first to file. Really?! (…) We can trade our creativity. (…) In China there is this ecosystem were we trade an idea for an idea (…) You build networks of collaborations with people by sharing in this ‘open-source-philosophy.’ >>

Another is:

‘We don’t expect them to fight anybody who copied them, we expect them to be moving much faster than anybody and coming up with the next thing the whole time and building a brand.’

And the last one:

the process of building something abroad takes on average 1 year, in Shenzhen it only takes 3 months.

Happy belated Christmas.

Can be considered a crossing between Nicky Minaj, Santa and me or just the ‘Shanzhai’ version of it

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