Why The Best Strategy Is No Strategy


I went to Taichung for the weekend and met there with a good friend.

We met and walked near Nova’s mall, the park and had some Taiwanese dessert. I know, it sounds sissy like a 13th-year old-school girl plan, but if you’ve met Taiwanese man, you’ll know they don’t usually meet for a beer during the afternoon. Plus I like those plans.

Anyways, we were talking about many things -his next holiday trip, Barcelona’s vs P.S.G. scandalous match, and swang by crossculture relationships. Then he started telling me about his future plans, not only with his girlfriend but specially about his work.

He told me what he had in mind for the next three years. He summed it very well, and I was surprised how he even covered many details, nonetheless he was looking like a mixture of confidence but doubtfuly shitiness. He is worried because he’s not sure how it will all work out.

Of course, its normal he is a melting pot of feelings. What it stopped me in my trunks was how he could be that sure about what he was looking for his future.

It surprised me how he put himself on a pile of -shitty- planning and strategies to get his goal.

You may think I’m the one being too naive or foolish, isn’t it?


I understand the importance of planning and a clear objective, but
I also understand how easy it is that your plan falls a part or blows away easily. Sure, you can say that’s because I didn’t do my ‘homework’ well, but that’s not the reason. No matter how many backups or plan B’s you have, there is always something that can influence or endanger your strategy. Third party forces not under lur control. Then what we’re up for?

The best strategy, is no strategy.

‘WTF?…’ I heard murmuring in the back?

Yeah, no strategy.

After all we are not descendats of machines, are we?

That doesn’t imply ignoring the agenda to be met, but it does mean to do things at your bestest.

Can we keep aspirations? yes!
Desires? yup.
Joyfullness? Hell, yeah!

Terminator mode? no, please.

I got plans, things to learn, things to share, people to meet and an ass to move quicker, but doing them under the ‘tick-tack’ seconds of the clock as the only measure of the outcome will not make it any better.

So what better than knowing your oneself’s flaws, virtues and get out there?

I planned to work in Singapore and Shanghai, and even it become true not turned out as I expected. Basically because there are things that can’t be anticipated.

I came to Taiwan planning to stay no longer than 6 months or 1 year to learn the language. Here I’am, 3 years later, very happy and unexpectatly being able to not only ‘speak’ the language, but even appearing on TV, working, meeting wonderful people and forging life friendship bonds with them. And after all, feeling like home, a a place +13,000 km away from my homecountry.

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