Learning from the past

Almost 46 years ago (Oct. 1971), took place a speech in the UN about #Peace.

A devoted human rights protector, artist Pau Casals was the speaker and awardee of the Peace Medal by the United Nations.

Today -as yesterday and as it will be tomorrow, not politics, but  #economics brought everyone in here.

Regardless your side and interest, let’s not forget humanity, dignity and brotherhood those are what make people rally together, no matter your color, gender, status, culture or opinion.

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Robotization vol.2

You never know who will serve you the next big mac…, teefury.com ©

Last week I wrote a post in Chinese talking about robotization. But the interesting part is I recently saw two articles, both of them recently published as well.

Both of them talk about robotization, however one treats it as a threat and the other one, well, also announce it as a threaten too.

Its outrageously dramatic, since in the article a statement can be read: ‘half of all jobs in Japan could be performed by robots by 2035‘. Which is like saying to today’s Japanese teens ‘Hey, you know what, we don’t need you anymore. By 2035 half of our country will be run by terminator’s and robocop’s cousins and the other half will be in their 90’s sitting and shitting in their diapers. Sorry.’

It sounds pretty scary. Also after you see this.

About a decade ago a client of mine had a nice guy which I’mfriend with that was actually doing that job and now ‘seems’ a sort of modern-shaped-vacume cleaner can do the job. Well, saying that would mean ignoring the fact that machine can meet the my client’s mate whole job description which even seems attractive in the financial side, it would not be precise at all.

Truth is, robots are more efficient and cost effective than humans in many tasks, but reality is they are still very limited at this point. Sure, the humble 54 year old Mr. Sato that worked for 30+ years in a factory in Nagoya will most probably lose his job as the Bob working in Michigan who’s role never got over line assembling supervisor, but most people are in different realities, times and age from those of Bob and Sato.

As opportunities fade out also appear, so getting the chance is not 100% in our control but being alert of what’s going around us its everyone’s duty.


Previous California’s Governor. Sorry Arnold, I can’t spell your last name.

It’s a reality, not fiction anymore.

Don’t panic, terminator will not take your job, but you better proof you are able to do something better -as it should be- than breath and warm the seat at work.

8 years ago I was convinced about this phenomenon. Time goes, and predictions -not only mines- become a reality. It’s just about cold economic sense. Even though it sounds careless and dehumanized, reality is, for many companies, numbers and not always humanity dictate if people keep or lose their job.

News about factories being robotizing their producers/systems have been going on since industrialization, but in our days this has been adopted by mid companies as well in the service industry. Is not rare anymore to find an automated machine taking your McSomething order or a bot preparing dinner for you.

But this should be taken as a ‘watch out’ sort of note to keep in mind, not to make people worry. Because perseverance and consistency are never going to be beaten and robotization its not necessary a negative aspect for employees. Actually it will generate thousands of vacancies, make sure though you have the right skills.

I’m a firm believer that there is always a solution for everything, its just on your hands to find out the ‘how’.