Super Bowl LI, Super Ads?

The Super Bowl LI, just happened few days ago. One of the major sport events in America and also one of major days for TV commercial of the year, where budgets worth millions of dollars are invested for few seconds of glory -and prospect sales- or spent and thrown away to a big-deep-black whole.

I really enjoy seeing how brands and agencies try their best to craft their best ‘pieces of art’ -even sometimes turn to be big pieces of…you know. An event that many see as crucial, which potentially will define the year to a path to success or mediocricity.

Here, the ads of this year. Get ready because its going to be long.

#1. Born The Hard Way’

Seems a punch in the face to Trump’s immigration policies. Even the company says it took 8 months for them to fully complete, for me it just looks like an opportunistic politic situation.

Even the setting and shooting seems taken from the 1850s, it looks more like another 1800s movie rather than an ad. We all know production requires time but 8 months its unnecessary keeping in mind the dimensions of the implicated parts; then a budget close to USD 3 Million (!) and a message that just tells me ‘hey! we’re American born, made by immigrants, look how cool we are!‘ leaves me a feel of indifference.

#2. ‘#DriveProgress’

Well, I don’t know how popular are ‘kid self-made-car races’ in the US public roads, anyways…seems like another ‘grab the contentious’ Trump comments against woman and make an ad. Progress is for everyone, #DriveProgress…I would like to hear what are the last pioneering advances that Audi has done in their last years.

#3. Daughter’

Another commercial using the US political situation but again, how positioning themselves against it is doing some good? besides of course their self-interest -sales- but what about really helping on to avoid the wall been build?

#4. ‘#AvoSecrets’

I would like to say something positive about it but I don’t want to force faking it. It breathes 2000s ad style with a directory of overused bad jokes filling.

#5. ‘The Handmaide’s Tale’

Most probably because I’m not ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ target, but I doubt Super Bowl LI’s audience is.

#6. ”Nintendo Switch’

Good moment -Super Bowl LI- for a gaming ad to be aired, bad timing if it can’t be bought -2 months left to be launched.

#7. ”Buick’

Not bad. Has humor, has kids but all gets decaffeinated because it lacks of freshness.

#8. ”The Conspiracy’

The fact you haven’t brought your team to the final its because of a fast food chain. What’s the reason, fun and value that brings this to the brand? Honestly I have no idea, ask Buffalo Wings.

#9. ”Calling’

If I had no choice I would pick this ad. It has a simple but meaningful story. And most probably the most expensive part of the production itself was hiring Mr. Malkovich.

#10. ”Hero’s Journey”

Without doubt the best ad in the group and a good ad itself. It has humor without feeding too much on it, good music -and lyrics- and a nice-familiar copy which all combined -and this is the best part- made me forget I was watching an ad!

#11. ‘’, you did a great job here. Besides the use of the word ‘disruptive’ the rest was great. A self-explanatory story through a well paced and entertaining ad. Without renouncing to explain the value proposition they knew how to end with an optimistic and positive ending. Love it!

These weren’t all, but some of them.

This shows that 30 sec. can feel like eternity or not enough, in a way you want to see even more.

Whatever is your impression about them, it also rises a the classic saying that not all the good things need to be expensive nor long. The shorter and simpler the better’.

(Ergo completely the opposite to this post)

Specially when airing for 30 secs. means paying to Mr. Fox channel USD 5 Million.

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