Source of Creativity

In all fields, the most competitives know that they have to implement creativity and innovation to stand out of the crowd. To be competitive in creativity it’s first necessary to be trained and promote it in the organization. A well-known case for implement creativity among their employees is the multinational Procter & Gamble.

We know creative and innovative companies in their sectors such as Apple, Nike, Volvo, but, which are the universities where they put in practtice creativity and they teach how to implement it? Personally, I’m passionate for advertising and I have considered the best universities in this field where they teach how to be more creative. If you are interested in creativity I advise you to look up the MBA of GMCA (Global Marketing Communications and Advertising) from Emerson College in Boston, United States. If you like advertising but you would like to focus your career to the Account Management Department, as in my case, I suggest you the prestigious Miami Ad School and its Account Planning Bootcamp, in which you will learn to have a more strategic and planner approach in the advertising field.
If instead you are entering in the world of creativity and you would like to explore it before you take the first step, a book like “The Lateral Thinking” by Edward De Bono can guide you to have the basic notions of creativity.
Stand up and be more creative!

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