Hello there,

歡迎光臨~  huānyíng guānglín

Welcome to 樂天大腦的世界 (lè tiān dànǎo de shìjiè).

Who I am? a joyful ‘nobody’. My name is Valentin and I’m from Barcelona.

This site is intended to convey thoughts about -but not limited to- communications; also some of my doodles, and business related topics. Now and then I’ll bother you a bit about my life.

Comments and emails are welcome.

Any business or creative ideas you wanna share? Leave them on the comments section.


[yes, that’s me]

Why 樂天大腦的世界?

What my closest ones say about me, matters. 樂天  is a name given by 陳伯曼老師 (chén bó màn), my very first and wonderful Chinese language teacher in Taiwan. So I keep it as a tribute to her.