My Precious Japanese Secret

Last year I did something I’ll not remember.

I went to Japan, specifically to Tokyo, and an opportunity difficult to refuse came up. And here it comes.

The Japan Sumo Association, as you may know, its a legendary association, stepped into Japanese tradition and culture, a place of cult for Japanese people. Generally speaking, people will consider sumo as a cool but outdated sport in terms of how is showcased.

Even this tradition makes it beautiful and admirable, there is the stigma of their wrestlers, association and the whole performance being too serious. Of course, there is a tradition and Japanese reputation behind, but why the wrestlers usually don’t show a more human side? Why they have to glare at their opponents with a straight-serious-poker face? Since when giving a look of complicity to their trainers or just a mid-smile would seen criticallly? Aren’t LeBron or Messi showing their rage, frustration, smiles or joy moments to the public? If a sumo wrestler did the same, why it would be seeing as a lack of professionally, harm to the sport, or even offense to the culture? Wouldn’t at the end make it more human?

After bringing up all this questions, I tried to just change that, and was appointed to contribute to change that, even if its in little and humble way:

If you wonder what was the outcome of it, you better ask the Japan Sumo Association. Nonetheless, I can ensure it was lots of fun and whatever the outcome scale was, I think when it comes from a truth and pure intention it most probably be good.

Wish you a happy April 1st.

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