Media Shifting To Online

Old or new? Who will win the race? Source: ©

First weekend of 2017 has passed and we are starting to roll in a new year. People have done their new year’s resolutions and while we usually think of how was the past year, I just recalled two events that happened in the last months of 2016 and I found quite interesting.

1st. CNN starts a collaboration in YouTube with Casey Neistat.

2nd. Disney partnered with Snapchat to broadcast shows in it.

With the inclusion of internet many media companies -specially newspapers- shifted from paper to online or just adopted as the main channel -NYTimes, WSJ, The Economist, etc- which is nothing new, but its closely related with these events above.

In the partnership between Disney and Snapchat, Disney will create the content and -most important- control and sell all the shows produced for Snapchat. Yeah, they really know what are they doing.

On the other hand, CNN wants to also approach an audience its not reaching right now, neither the rest of other traditional media, why? Answer you the question, it shouldn’t take you much time.

This is the end?

Asking ‘does this means the end of TV?’ is like asking ‘the new burger resto that just opened downstairs will end the other resto’s business?’ of course not, it just adds variety. It will just add another player in the game.

Anyways, a tendency to online has been very obvious since internet was open to the public, but this doesn’t mean the end of the rest, just a fact its necessary being aware of.

Contrary to what the ‘The End’ song says, it’s not the end. It will rather ‘light up the fire’.

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