The Mysterious Mainland Chinese Consumer ©

The People’s Republic of China, and extensive and vast land where many companies obsessively have their sight put on as it was a massive cake waiting to be ‘shared’ under the attentive and hunger sight of corporations, and mid-small businesses.

But how big is that cake? And how many know ‘when’ and ‘how’ to take their piece? Those are completely different questions, not many can’t answer.

When it comes to the Mainland, first thoughts are -rich, new economic super-power, high potential and business opportunities. While all those are true at some degree not everything behind it, is a mine full of gold. I’m not going to spoil anyone’s dreams but focussing only on the opportunities, is as dumb as only focussing on the risks. So being aware can save you from bitter experiences no matter if you are eBay, Uber, Mattel or Revlon. And I know everything can be a lesson from which you can learn, but think about telling the CEO the hundreds of million dollar investments are all gone through the WC tube.

Business success in your country, not necessarily means success in China.


Is it necessary a big investment? Are Mainland Chinese that different? Are there ‘unseeing’ laws that regulate commercial business? Was it the right time to enter the market? What happened to those who run away?

None of those are statements, but if they had being asked by those companies, perhaps their outcome had had brighten their business outcomes in Mainland China.

Leaving aside spending capacity, demographics and other blah blah, there is one thing on top. And that is today’s unshakable fact that Chinese are increasingly fickle. This means that in between the time you feel like farting and the actual fart bursts out, people’s consuming behavior already changed. (Hoping that, clearly illustrates the situation).

And this is where all the game begins. If not check the automotive industry, FMCG or the apparel sector.

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