Knowing Doesn’t Mean Doing

With The Years You Can Only Get Better.

Not at all.

Some are tall, some are short. Some are black, some are yellow. Some are nice, some are…you know not that blessed.

Diversity is something that enriches the world, and even we are all unique and different, there are things that make us all equal and similar. Ageing is one of those things that reminds us we are all human and years goes by everyone, therefore makes time something priceless.

There is a belief that as we get old, we get wiser. While theoretically seems legit, in practice its not that accurate. When we are ageing cognitive senses deteriorate, we get ill easier, we experience hair loss and the list goes on. Mind wise, intelligence declines and we tend to care less about things -voluntary or involuntary. And here is the point.

Knowing doesn’t mean doing. We all know we should eat healthier, spend more time with loved ones, don’t waste time on meaningless things, etc. But how many of those things are we doing?

With age happens the same. Although we get wiser, that wisdom blocks some people from believing in new ideas, points of view, concepts and narrow them into an unimpressed reaction with the copious and enervated sentence ‘Bah, its always the same’, once ‘tagged on’ that thing, they go back to their ‘own world’.

Thinking and believing too much on your ideas can cause you hallucination. And miss interesting things others are saying. Be open, listen. Don’t be the cat. And don’t look at this pic for too long if you don’t want to f**k your sight

As it happens in every industry, marketing is not an exception and many know but not many do. Sometimes companies and marketers have a fixation on being on top of an imaginary wave called ‘trend’ while leaving behind a careless foundation, which with time can turn into a ‘tsunami’. Then being up to the latest flashy trend will only bring them the hazel dazzle of the moment before they sink by their own tsunami.

The metaphor its not great, but being a poet its not my strength. So I guess my parents gave me a poetical name to compensate it.

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