Go Back To The Basics. Education.

If you have been in a foreign country, specially one where differences are dramatic, you will notice what you considered normal or common isn’t it anymore -at least there- and some of the things you learned before have to be relearned again. This is not limited to language or habits, this goes beyond. It can mean a typical after-hours snack its not Snickers or Twix choice bar, perhaps its a roasted cricket or a fried caterpillar.

This contrast is specially noticeable when you’ve being grown in a Western country and then step on some Asian country, and Singapore almost doesn’t count, I refer to a town or city in India, Japan or Mainland China to name a few.

Having the opportunity to live in Shanghai, Singapore and now Taiwan, its enough experience to get to the point. Which is education, learning process and of course creativity. I blow all these blah, blah, blah after watching Roger’s Moore documentary ‘Where To Invade Next’, which reflects today’s social reality perfectly.

I don’t know about you, but it feels like the rest of people -specially Millennials and its predecessors- look quite burnt out with education and work professional systems. And you know what, I think they are quite right.

If we are sharing a same place to co-study, co-work and ‘co-live’, which in short is collaborating with a collectivity, why are we taught and trained to memorize, please others, follow rules and to compete against each other? Aren’t we thinking one thing and putting in practice a method that does completely the opposite?

And its not a lack of ambition, actually is for all of us to progress, not just a few. We want to improve society and people’s lifes, so why at the end money and not people is the force that in most cases moves and takes decisions? Everyone wants to make a living, but at any cost?

I think Finland’s education system is very interesting and it makes it even more interesting by using a method reflects exactly what we were taught as being wrong, lazy, unproductive, inefficient and so on.

And Roger Moore is not the ‘Colon’ of Finland’s great education system. Anyone who has a sense of ‘doing more’ and go beyond the ‘common’ will know it.

That’s something that is present in today’s professional work system. Its it for me quite surprising meeting and hearing about young people who can speak 5 languages, have motivation, a low sense of risk to try new things -not reckless, dared; tremendously creative and -less important- hold a bachelors degree, who are facing difficulties to find a job. And then you have a ‘yes sir’ who is been in the position before music was played with a vinyl but again, because that person is a rockstar at bending then holds the position.


On today’s fast paced world no one has experience. All has to be relearned.

Specially in tech and digital sectors.


And don’t come up with the ‘elder generations have more experience’. They have experience but on other aspects, which are valuable too. And if you really have a strong point about it and would like to discuss it, I’m down for it.

This means companies’ structure have to be redifined and create new roles. Companies can’t pretend to have a group of people holding same positions for the sake of it. To move forward young is as important as old, and not precisely to tell what is or not on trend. They are both important to advise. Yes, young can advise too and sometimes can influence a company’s business, an industry or even the society to turn 360o.

Because its not all about certifications but on the power of ideas.

And fortunately everyone can have them.

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