Dear Cynics,

As you very well know, we live in a capitalist world -at least, most of it, and many people only move their butt because of self-interest. Even if it sounds sad.


Many don’t mean all, not even most of the people. There are people out there, young and old, with a desire for achieving things, make things better, and overall, helping others. So don’t get these people wrong.

There are genuine people with authentic, honorable and honest purposes, not second intentions or hidden ways to f**k you guys off. At all. ©

Sometimes people are straight forward, which should not to be perceived as cheeky and evil f**ks, instead as a honest action to show their purposes. Which at least for me, its sort of showing that they value your time and don’t want to trick you.

Keep your beliefs and suspicions, that’s alright, but you could also ask yourselves, ‘what is the worst someone like that could do to me?’ and perhaps, rather than see threats you may discover a new layer full of possibilities. Playing the yank cop ‘everyone is guilty until the contrary its proven’ will not help as much as straight forward people with honorable intentions, because at the end, our nature its not being bad but help and collaborate with each other at work and at life.

Signed by a ‘honest believer’. ©

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