A Church Does Better Marketing Than You

Early this week Gianny and I were meeting after a while. We met at Jingmei’s district, near the night market. And then we bump into this building.

Jingmei’s church, March 2017, valentinoliver.com ©

Seems a mall but it’s not, it’s a church! Ok, that’s not that impressive, but it’s not all.

People at mass time, singing and praying while watching the projector’s screen, March 2017, valentinoliver.com ©

The people inside were at mass time and using a projector! You can read ‘Jesus loves me‘ 「耶穌愛你」(in blue font) on the screen. Despite my surprise about them using such an advanced equipment, that’s not -as marketer hypers say- the ‘disruption’.

‘Jesus Loves You’ book store, expecting to expand over Apple’s stores, March 2017, valentinoliver.com ©

So this is a freaking book store next to the church entrance. Although I’m not affiliated to catholicism or christianize, I really admire how a millennial religion is pushing boundaries to rejuvenate its image and the way they use to predicate their endangered religion in today’s science and skeptic world.

Moreover, serving themselves with marketing techniques. And by that I refer to that book store full of religion-related items.

That’s good merchandising.

Good lesson to be learned, and not from Nike this time.

Never it’s too late to start.


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